Instructions for Electricity Supply

Instructions for berth holders regarding connecting their vessel to shore power.


This marina provides power for use on your pleasure craft with a direct connection to the shore supply which is connected to Earth. Unless you have an isolating transformer fitted on board to isolate the electrical system on your craft from the shore supply system, corrosion through electrolysis could damage your craft or surrounding craft.


  1. Ensure the supply is switched off and disconnect all current-using equipment on the craft, before inserting the craft plug. Connect the flexible cable firstly at the pleasure-craft inlet socket and then at the marina socket-outlet.
  2. Only flexible cables supplied by the marina operator or those complying with the approved standard are permitted to connect pleasure-craft to the electrical system of the marina. Under no circumstances should any other cable be used. The supplied cable will connect the appliance inlet on your pleasure-craft with the outlet on the pedestal closest to your berth. Should the appliance inlet aboard your pleasure-craft not conform to this standard (have a different connector such as a Marinco type) then contact the marina operator to supply a different connecting cable. The supply at this berth is 230V 50Hz. The socket-outlet will accommodate a standard marina plug colour blue (technically described as BS EN 60309-2, position 6 h).
  3. For safety reasons, your craft must not be connected to any other socket-outlet than that allocated to you and the internal wiring of your craft must comply with the appropriate standards. All pleasure-craft berthed must hold a current Boat Safety certificate.
  4. Every effort must be made to prevent the connecting flexible cable from falling into the water if it should become disengaged. Should any part of the connecting cable become submerged the cable should not be used and returned to the marina operator for testing.
  5. For safety reasons, only one pleasure-craft connecting cable supplying one pleasure craft may be connected to any one socket outlet.
  6. The connecting flexible cable must be in one length, without signs of damage, and not contain joints or other means to increase its length. Daisy-chaining flexible cables or extension leads is prohibited. When in use, please avoid coiling the flexible cable. If the cable is too long please request a shorter cable from the marina operator.
  7. The entry of moisture into the pleasure-craft inlet socket may cause a hazard. Examine carefully and clean the plug and socket before connecting the supply.
  8. It is dangerous to attempt repairs or alterations. If any difficulty arises, contact the marina management.


  1. Ensure that the supply is switched off and disconnect all current-using equipment on the craft, before the connecting cable is disconnected.
  2. The connecting flexible cable should be disconnected firstly from the marina socket-outlet and then from the pleasure-craft inlet socket. Any cover that may be provided to protect the inlet from weather should be securely replaced. The connecting flexible cable should be coiled up and stored in a dry location aboard your vessel where it will not be damaged. Any cables not in use which are left unattended will be removed and securely stored by the marina operator. A £10 release fee will be charged for cable retest / reissue.

Amended from BS7671, 17th Ed. Amd. 3 2015, Fig. 709.3. Document updated 25 July 2021.

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