Prepayment Electricity Meters

kWh meter
kWh meter

Energy metering solutions ensure that energy is used responsibly.

Prepayment Energy Pricing

  • Peak tariff: £0.38 per kWh
  • Off-peak tariff: £0.38 per kWh
  • Daily Charge (charged once the meter has been energised for 24 hours): £0.05 per day

Steps to energise your allocated Marina Pedestal

  1. Don’t plug your boat in yet.
  2. Open the flap on the front of your pedestal.
  3. The meter will display ‘Reload credit’. Present your card in front of the meter with the StayGB logo facing you. The card will need to be approximately half-inch (1 cm) away from the display on the energy meter. The meter will then bleep to indicate the credit charged to the card has been transferred to the meter. The amount of credit remaining will now be shown on the meter display.
  4. To test that your socket is working, ensure that the Residual Current Device adjacent to the meter is switched on (UP). Press the test button on this device. The Residual Current Device will now trip. This indicates that the meter is supplying power and the protective device is operating correctly.
  5. Reset the Residual Current Device, then close the flap on the front of the pedestal.
  6. You can now proceed to connect your boat to the pedestal, following the Instructions for Electricity Supply.

Steps to de-energise your allocated Marina Pedestal

  1. Disconnect your hook-up cable from the pedestal, following the Instructions for Electricity Supply.
  2. Open the flap on the front of the pedestal.
  3. The meter display will show the amount of credit remaining in GBP. Present your card to the front of the meter with the StayGB logo facing towards you. The meter will bleep, indicating the remaining credit has been transferred from the meter to your card. The meter will now display ‘Reload Credit’.
  4. Close the flap on the front of the pedestal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I plug in?

We will allocate you a specific socket to use which is adjacent to your boat. Your issued prepayment card will only operate your allocated socket.

What cable do I need to use to plug in my boat?

You will need to have a suitable hook-up cable. Typically these are 3 core cables manufactured of orange arctic flex with a cross sectional area of 2.5 square millimetres. The plug on the cable is the 16A blue industrial type (technically described as BS EN 60309-2, position 6h). The cable should not need to be longer than 15 metres to reach your pedestal. Cables meeting this standard are available from all good Chandlers.

Should I leave my boat plugged in permanently?

If you are not consuming energy then it is advisable to not be plugged in to the shore. By leaving your shore hook-up cable connected, in addition to the deterioration of your cable by the elements and UV light, you are also exposing your vessel to an increased risk of electrolysis which causes the corrosion of metal parts in contact with the water.

Should you wish to only trickle-charge your battery then the most cost effective method is the use of a small solar panel placed at a window. If you refrain from being permanently connected then daily charges can be minimised.

Furthermore, since you are the only person to be able to energise your allocated socket you do not need to remain plugged in to reserve it!

My energy meter states that I am low on credit. What do I do?

Contact us when you have at least £5 left on your card. You choose whether to recharge your card with an additional £30 or £50 worth of credit. On presentation of your card to us, you pay for the top-up by credit / debit card and we write the additional credit to your prepayment card. Online payment links can be found here.

If you intend to keep your boat connected in your absence, consider the amount of credit you will need to prevent unnecessary trips to the marina just to top-up. Alternatively, you may prefer the managed service option where you do not need to visit the site to top-up. Please enquire for details.

I have lost my prepayment card. What do I do now?

It is your responsibility to keep your prepayment card safe and secure. These are as robust as a debit card. As we cannot confirm the amount of credit remaining on prepayment cards unless they are electronically read by us, we cannot transfer or refund to you any remaining credit which they may have contained. Furthermore, to regain access to your marina socket you will require a new prepayment card to be issued (charges apply). This will render your lost card useless.

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