Site Conditions of Use

This policy sets out the acceptable use of the Wayford Bridge Yacht Station by customers, potential customers, contractors and visitors.

(1) Parking

Ample parking is provided for our Customers (contract holders), potential customers and approved subcontractors. We accept no liability for loss or damage to vehicles or other private property left on the site.

Parking and unloading is prohibited by covenant in the access road onto the A149 and the access area at the entrance to the Wayford Bridge Yacht Station and Wayford Marina (coloured yellow in the deed). This area must be kept clear of any obstructions at all times as it is the only evacuation route for the Wayford Bridge Yacht Station and Wayford Marina in the event of flooding or other serious incident. For verification please refer to the deeds of the properties which adjoin the access road. This documentation is available to the public and can be obtained from the Land Registry.

(2) Site Safety

The Wayford Bridge Yacht Station is a working Boatyard and as such necessitates the movement of machinery and heavy plant about the site. Furthermore, the sites proximity to the river results in a potentially hazardous environment. To ensure the safety of all persons on this site it is mandatory that:

All warning and danger notices displayed are adhered to;
Children must be supervised at all times;
Vehicle speed restrictions of 3 mph are to be followed.

(3) Smoking and naked lights

To comply with the Law, Smoking is strictly prohibited in all buildings on this site. Furthermore, to reduce the risk of fire, naked nights are prohibited on all wooden walkways, verandas and in the vicinity of wooden buildings or structures. All smoking materials should be extinguished and be disposed of once cold in the bins provided. Barbecues are permitted for Berth holder's providing our prior approval is sought.

(4) Toilets and Facilities

Toilets are provided for Berth holders and their crew and other customers or potential customers being attended to by our staff. In the interest of energy conservation please ensure that taps are off and external doors are latched / locked when leaving the building.

(5) Dogs

In the interest of safety, dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Dog fouling is to be cleared by the owner, sealed in bags and placed in the bins provided.

(6) Dustbins

Dustbins for domestic waste are provided for the use of Berth holders (under contract) only.

(7) Electricity usage

Electricity connection points are provided for Berth holders and other parties under specific contract only. See "Instructions for Electricity Supply".

(8) Subcontractors

All subcontractors must be approved by STAYGB MARINE LTD. Please refer to our Policy regarding the use of Subcontractors.