Private Moorings

Annual Moorings available at the Wayford Bridge Yacht Station, Norfolk Broads with electrical hookup and toilets. Charges: 160 GBP per metre LOA per year (rounded up to the nearest half metre).

  • Side and Stern Berths
  • Fully quay-headed and offer wide wooden decked walkways
  • Marina pedestals supplying vessel hookups adjacent to every boat
  • Electricity is supplied by prepayment meter
  • Secure - The Marina is fully lit all night and is monitored by 24 hour CCTV surveillance.
  • Wi-Fi - Full site coverage powered by Cisco enterprise grade hardware. (Wi-Fi access is a Members only service; Wi-Fi Terms of Use apply).


Overall Length of VesselAnnual Charge
6.5 metres (minimum)£1040
7.0 metres (~22 feet 11 inches)£1120
7.5 metres£1200
8.0 metres (~26 feet 2 inches)£1280
8.5 metres£1360
9.0 metres (~29 feet 6 inches)£1440
9.5 metres£1520
10.0 metres (~32 feet 7 inches)£1600
10.5 metres£1680
11.0 metres (~36 feet 1 inches)£1760
11.5 metres£1840
12.0 metres (~39 feet 4 inches)£1920

Charge applicable is for the absolute length of the Vessel rounded up to the nearest half metre. All prices above are inclusive of any sales tax.

What information do you require from me to produce an annual berthing contract?

As contracts are issued by email for electronic signing we require the following information before they can be prepared.

Details required of the registered owner of the Vessel:
  • Full Name (First name and Surname);
  • Residential address;
  • Email address;
  • Mobile telephone number;
  • Landline telephone number.
Details required about the Vessel to be berthed with us:
  • Registered name of the Vessel
  • Manufacturer and model of Vessel
  • Year of Manufacture
  • Hull Construction (e.g. GRP, wood)
  • Vessel Registration number (as logged with the Broads Authority)
  • Absolute Length of the Vessel;
  • Beam of the Vessel;
  • Vessel Draft;
  • Date of issue of your current Boat Safety Certificate.

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